The 3 Key Gamechangers We Offer You Today

Since 2009 We Focus On Providing The Following 3 Services With The Highest Effort

The Myth About Idea Sign Ltd. Revealed

idea SiGn is a Hong Kong based creative consultancy since 2009.

We work with various companies in Hong Kong and Asia who are ready to take that eXtra step toward Success.

idea SiGn gives you the opportunity to refresh and reinvent your products, as well as an extensive senior-level contacts network in the toy and game industry throughout Asia.

In Africa always make sure to wear sports shoes…

So when the lion comes, you’ll be faster than your competitor. Same in business, we call it the ‘Arm Race’ and sure we are ready to prepare you and make sure you’ll be better equipped than your competitor.

It’s not what you know…

It’s whom you know. And we do. As well as all of the regular marketing and creative design services we offer, we can also help you with many other areas of your business. In the unlikely event that we don’t already know someone who can help you, we’re about two phone calls away from finding someone who can, via our extensive network of trusted partners.

Always Seek Local Knowledge:

It’s an old adage and it still holds true today. We have been around long enough to open for you the right door of the right factory. We can save you from making an expensive mistake by making sure you team up with the right partner.

Galorian, Founder & CEO of Idea Sign Ltd.

See What Other People Say About Idea Sign

To me, testimonial is built very much upon trust, instinct and passion. Happens these are exactly the values I value upon Sharon Gal Or, who demonstrated to me his positivity and motivating energy which is extremely hard-sought in our network or society right now.

Besides his professional knowledge, it’s hugely important that we need a compassionate heart and empathetic soul which draws different people together. Sharon not only has shared with me his analytical mind, but also his tactful and magnetic character which is established based on a generous heart and genuine character that gives relationships a unique edge and differentiating element.

Everything is about relationship, so are our professional ones, and Sharon does give these networks and projects the longevity and heart plus insights how people could move forward in a better and more positive ways. Happiness seems far, but when our connector is enthusiastic, you tend to feel that the goal is much closer.

”Michell Lie”, ”Corporate Branding & Development Manager”

Sharon is an extremely resourceful professional who is always full of creative ideas and on the ball. I would like to say a big thank you to him for always connecting me with awesome people, sharing his experience and giving helpful tips.

”Anna Wong”, ”Co-founder at Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide”

I have had the pleasure to work with Sharon on several projects; he is a highly passionate, motivated, and engaging individual who is flexible without losing sight of what he wants to achieve.

He is outgoing and personable with a broad network - exactly what it takes in a connector and innovator. On a personal note, I’ve known Sharon since mid-2013, and he is an extremely pleasant person to be around, and a dear friend of mine.

”Sandra T. Buehn”, ”Management Consultant at Galore Group (HK) Ltd.”

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